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1/1/2017-Took Henry and his buddy J.T. out for a few hours this afternoon.  Initially we tried a Drum hole, but we quickly left as there was no current.  We then decided to try a wreck while waiting for the tide.  Good decision as the Tautog were there!  The boys weeded through a couple of throwbacks and landed four nice ones for dinner.  Just what we wanted(PHOTO).  J.T. landed the big Tog and Henry did something that I haven't seen in 20 years of charter fishing.  He landed a Sheepshead in 54 degree water on January 1st.  The latest that I have ever seen a Sheepshead on the boat was the end of October.  Just when you thought you had seen everything....  We were supposed to get back early, but J.T. wanted to catch a Shark, so I agreed to one quick drift.  We were hoping for a Thresher, but we did not get a bite on our big bait.  The Dog Sharks liked our small baits.  Henry(PHOTO) and J.T. each landed one.  J.T.'s Dog Shark(PHOTO) was one of the largest ones that I have ever seen.  I would call this a good start to 2017!

11/11/15-Heny and Grampy(PHOTO) got it done today!

1/22/15-The kids were out of school today and we had to get out of the house and do something.  Did with Henry what I used to do on almost a daily basis when I was his age.  Fish the Bass Pond!  First one of the day was the stud.  Henry wasn't lying when he said he had a big one on(PHOTO)!  My big fish(PHOTO) didn't come close, but it was still a good one.  We need to do this more often.


12/1/13-Henry & I brought Josh along for a last minute hour-before-dark fishing trip to the Currituck Bridge.  It took us alomost until dark to find some fish. We had four bites.  One pulled off, one was a fat 17 incher(PHOTO), and the other two were nice ones for dinner(PHOTO) (PHOTO)!  Moral was very high on the way back to the dock.  
11/2/13-Henry & I snuck out for an hour late this afternoon(5:30 PM).  We had 5 bites.  Henry landed 3, one pulled off, and one big one broke off.  Henry hooked the big one on the South Bridge and it broke him off on the North Bridge.  Can't remember that ever happening before.  There was no stopping this "one that got away."  Henry(now 10) was too cool to let me take a picture of him holding one of the fish.  Haaa!!!
3-The Protiva boys
(PHOTO) invited Henry to come along for their fishing trip.  Things started slow, but then "IT WAS ON(PHOTO)!"  The boys(PHOTO) wore the Red Drum out(PHOTO)!
It's a big one(PHOTO) (PHOTO)!  Henry and the brothers Bonnaduchi(David & Eric) took care of business this afternoon.  They landed 17 fish in an hour-and-a-half(PHOTO)7 Year Old Eric got the big one(PHOTO) with a little help from his friends!  It was one of the greatest battles ever played out on the boat. 

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Three generations of Stecher's snuck out for an hour or so after getting a Christmas Tree.  We hooked four and landed three at The Currituck Bridge.  Grampy landed a couple jigging and Henry landed the dinner fish(PHOTO) on a trolling plug.
10/17/12-Henry & I went to The Currituck Bridge this evening for an hour or so and he got one keeper(PHOTO) out of two(PHOTO).  I will tease Henry 10 years from now about not wanting to hold(PHOTO) his fish when he was 9.  Wish we could have stayed till dark(they were starting to bite), but Henry had homework to do.
9/15/12-We were going down in flames this afternoon.  We had struck out in a Gray Trout hole and in a Flounder hole.  We made one last stop where everything came together and Henry got his first taste of Red Drum Fishing(PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)!  He ended up landing six of them and a Flounder fishing chunks of Mullet in The Pond.  We finished off a great afternoon by riding home looking at a perfect sunset(PHOTO)
6/16/12 PM-Family Trout fishing trip today with Mommy, Henry, Lucy, & her friend Olivia(PHOTO).  C'mon, let's go(PHOTO)....  Is this going to be a fashion show(PHOTO) or a fishing trip?  Is this bait big enough(PHOTO)?  Safety(PHOTO) first.  Finally, leaving(PHOTO) the dock.  Olivia is a little nervous.   Not any more(PHOTO)!  Henry lands the first fish on his own like a pro.  A Speckled Trout(PHOTO)!  Lucy lands a Croaker(PHOTO)!  Then we land another Trout(PHOTO)!  Lucy(PHOTO) is really into it now.  Henry scores a keeper(PHOTO) (PHOTO)!  Then Olivia(PHOTO) gets one too!  Lucy(PHOTO) get her first Bluefish!  Henry(PHOTO) gets back to working it, while Lucy(PHOTO) is back again at the fashion show.  The bite slowed down(PHOTO) so the kids(PHOTO) had to work(PHOTO) for it.  One last fish(PHOTO) to go out with a bang(PHOTO)!  Captain Henry(PHOTO) takes us back to the dock after a successful outing. 
4/25/12 PM-
Good Stuff
(PHOTO)!  9 Year Old-Henry catches the first Oregon Inlet Bluefish for the boat in 2012.  He hooked it on a double rig just west of the bridge by the sand island. 
1/1/11 PM-The goal today was to prove to 8 Year Old-Henry & Josh that fishing is more fun(PHOTO) than playing video games.  After reeling in 5 Dog Sharks(PHOTO) and a Sting Ray, the boys(PHOTO) came around.  Video games are boring compared to this(PHOTO)!  A great way to bring in the new year.

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5/1/11 A.M.-I had just left the house to take the boat back to Hatteras when I got the call that we have been waiting from THE FISHING FOOL.  I made a U-Turn, pulled back into the driveway and ran upstairs to get my boy.  He turned Bugs Bunny off, jumped off the couch, and the two of us hauled you-know-what down to Oregon Inlet.  8 Year Old-Henry(PHOTO) made up for all the crummy fishing trips his dad had taken him on so far this spring.  He landed approximately 75 Bluefish up to 3 lbs.  Everyone of them came casting double rigs(PHOTO).  The fish were all over the inlet with birds on them.  Non-stop action(PHOTO).  Henry said it was our best fishing trip ever(PHOTO)!  Thanks Bobby!

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- 2 Rockfish(Striped Bass) between 19 & 22 inches(PHOTO), a couple of hours of recon night fishing(PHOTO) at the Manteo Bridge with 7 Year Old Henry & Brian. 
10/28/2010 - 3 Rockfish(Striped Bass)(PHOTO) up to 19 inches(one keeper)(PHOTO), 8 Croaker, a couple of hours till dark with 7 Year Old Henry.  It took us forever to get bait, but Henry was patient and delivered the Croakers.  We were going down in flames at the bridge until Henry hooked three in a row at dark.
8/19/2010 - 2 Tautog up to 2&1/2 lbs., a couple of hours afternoon Oregon Inlet.  7 Year Old-Henry's first ever Tautog(PHOTO).
6/26/2010 - 7 Year Old-Henry clobbered the Flounder this afternoon.  He caught 18 Flounder up to 19&1/2 inches(6 keepers)(PHOTO), in 2 hours of fishing the Davis Channel this afternoon at Oregon Inlet.  We were at the right place at the right time.  Another big one for Henry(PHOTO) landed on a strip of cut Menhaden.  I think that he has the hang of Flounder(PHOTO) fishing....  Daddy is relieved as this one, made up for our last two trips.
4/10/2010 - 7 Year Old-Henry & Daddy took another skunk today.  This time at Oregon Inlet.  Ouch!  Again, Henry is a good sport about the situation.  Mentally, he is much better at handling the skunk than his Daddy.
3/20/2010 - 7 Year Old-Henry & Daddy took a skunk today at the Currituck Bridge.  Henry never stopped trying.  He must have casted a swim bait several hundred times.  He is getting really good at casting. 

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10/30/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry and Grampy catch 2 keeper Rockfish(Striped Bass) up to 20 inches, trolling the Manns Harbor Bridge pilings.
10/5/2009 -  6 Year Old-Henry catches 40 Croaker as fast as humanly possible, then 2 keeper Rockfish(Striped Bass) up to 24 inches, underneath the Manteo Bridge after dark with Daddy.  There were some big ones that got away tonight...
9/30/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry helps Daddy catch bait for tomorrow.  He reels in 28 Croaker in the Roanoke Sound.
9/26/2009 - Another fishing trip for 6 Year Old-Henry with the Tongier's at Oregon Inlet.  This time Abby, joins her brother Jacob and Daddy(Mike).  The kids(PHOTO) kept Mike & I busy with the net.  They landed 8 Flounder up to 16 inches(one keeper), and 7 Bluefish up to 3 lbs., fishing in the Davis Channel.
9/12/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry, 3 Year Old Lucy, Mommy, & Daddy took a boat ride and went to "The Secret Bait Island."  Henry & Lucy had a blast(PHOTO) helping(PHOTO) Daddy catch Mullet(PHOTO) and exploring(PHOTO) the island(PHOTO)!
8/23/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry-5 Bluefish up to 3 lbs., one 4 lb. Flounder, one giant Lizardfish.  Henry and Daddy snuck out for a couple of hours this afternoon.  Henry caught several good eating sized Bluefish(PHOTO).  He also also caught his first Lizardfish(PHOTO) which he thought was really cool.  And, he landed another huge Flounder(PHOTO), which is getting to be a regular occurance.  Daddy now calls the big Flounder that his customers catch, "Henry Flounders."   
8/8/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry went wreck fishing for the first time ever with his cousins Kaleena(PHOTO) and Brianna(PHOTO), and his Uncle Dave.  We landed 15 Triggerfish up to 4 lbs.(PHOTO).  This is Henry's first ever Triggerfish(PHOTO).  We caught them on the Ranger Station Wreck in the Ocean.  We kept a handful that Uncle Dave later cooked some up for dinner and they tasted great!
5/31/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry-3 Flounder, one Spot, one Pigfish
- 6 Year Old-Henry-8 Croaker, 2 Spot, one 6 lb. Black Drum.  After catching some bait in the channel we drifted some peeler crab in the Davis Channel where Henry reeled in what is to this date, his biggest fish ever(PHOTO)!
4/19/2009 - 6 Year Old-Henry & Daddy took a skunk today in looking for some fish int he Currituck Sound.  Henry learns the valuable lesson that you do not catch them every time.  He tells a frustrated Daddy "It's O.K., they just must not be hungry today."

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10/9/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry-36 Croaker, one throwback Gray Trout(Weakfish), one throwback Flounder(PHOTO), late afternoon Old House Channel/Oregon Inlet
9/3/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry goes fishing with Jacob & Mike Tongier at Oregon Inlet.  The boys caught some real good eating fish(PHOTO)6 Flounder up to 3&1/2 lbs.(3 keepers), one 4 lb. Sheepshead(PHOTO), one 3 lb. Bluefish up to 3 lbs..  Henry scores on a huge Flounder(PHOTO).  We caught the fish in The Davis Channel.
8/22/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry has a big catch this afternoon in the Green Island Slough at Oregon Inlet.  7 Bluefish up to 4 lbs., 2 keeper Gray Trout(Weakfish) up to 2 lbs.(PHOTO), one 14 inch Flounder.  This was his first ever Bluefish(PHOTO).  He said that it tugged really hard.  We brought a handful home for Daddy to eat(PHOTO).  Henry tried some too.
8/21/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry(PHOTO)2 keeper Gray Trout(Weakfish) up to 2 lbs., 2 Bluefish up to 3 lbs., one keeper 12 inch  Sea Bass, one 14 inch Flounder, evening Green Island Slough/Oregon Inlet.
8/16/2008 - 2 Year Old Lucy(PHOTO) goes on her first fishing trip ever with Henry, Mommy, & Daddy at Oregon Inlet/Green Island Slough.  Henry reeled in his first ever Gray Trout(Weakfish). A 2 lber.  We also went baitfishing.
6/30/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry catches 38 Croaker up to 1 lb.(PHOTO) in Old House Channel!
5/29/2008 - 5 Year Old-Henry lands a giant Sting Ray and 6 Flounder up to 19 inches.  Another big keeper for Henry(PHOTO)!  He caught them in Green Island Slough at Oregon Inlet.

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7/4/2007 - 4 Year Old-Henry's first ever Sea Mullet(PHOTO).
5/19/2007 - 4 Year Old-Henry's first ever time Flounder fishing.  He lands 2 Flounder between 15(PHOTO) & 18 inches(PHOTO).  His first Flounder ever and his first keeper ever caught in The Green Island Slough at Oregon Inlet!

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11/17/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry & Gene back home with the big catch(PHOTO)!
11/17/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry was worn out after reeling in four big Rockfish(PHOTO).
11/17/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry's his first ever Rockfish(PHOTO).  Henry ends up landing 4(3 keepers) up to 22 inches at the Currituck Bridge with Daddy and Gene from T.W.'s.  Three were landed trolling Rattle-traps and one was landed on a casted Storm Lure.
5/25/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry checking out all the fish he put in Daddy's live well(PHOTO).  Henry caught a bunch of Spot and Croaker.
5/25/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry checking out a Croaker that he caught(PHOTO).
5/25/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry's first fish ever!  A double-header Spot(PHOTO)!  Henry hooked them in the channel next to the Green #7 Channel marker accross from Duck Island.
5/25/2006 - 3 Year Old-Henry is getting ready for his first ever fishing trip(PHOTO).

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6/9/2005 - When 2 Year Old-Henry gets older this is what he is going to catch(PHOTO)!
3/8/2005 - 2 Year Old-Henry's first ride in a fishing boat!  Picture coming soon.

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